The Audiology Clinic

Department specialized in hearing and balance disorders.

Team: E. Iliadou, N. Markatos. Co-ordinator: A. Bibas, External associate: D. Dimitriades

The chronic exposure to music and occupational or recreational noise is one of the main causes of hearing impairment in adults, while current data show that adolescents exposed to loud music are at high risk as well. Due to their working environment and their personal habits, performing artists and professionals of the music industry are at high risk for what we call nowadays Music-Induced Hearing Loss. Special awareness and care is required, regardless of the genre of music or type of performance they practice.
In this specific department, specialized audiological measurement methods serve as state of the art tools in the diagnosis and management of hearing disorders while new ones are being developed and tested in the context of ongoing research projects.  Vivid example is the development and validation of an extra, specialized diagnostic tool in the approach of Music-Induced Hearing Disorders, the Musicians Hearing Handicap Index, a questionnaire created and validated by A. Vardonikolaki et al..