The Voice Clinic

Department specialized in voice disorders.

Team: A. Bibas, E. Iliadou, I. Papathanasiou, P. Dimas

Till today, more than 200 professional singers, actors and other performing artists have found solutions to a wide range of voice disorders by means of specialized clinical examination, endoscopy - stroboscopy of the larynx, aerodynamic and acoustic measurements of the voice. Key points to the long and successful course of the Clinic is the multi-disciplinary composition of the medical and non-medical team, the state of the art equipment, and the holistic and individualized approach of each patient. One of the priorities of the Voice Clinic team is the further development of the department and the creation in the near future of a walk in clinic with easy, daily and free of charge access for every artist.

Additionally to its clinical work, the specific department has worked on varied research projects on different aspects of the normal and pathological function of the larynx ("voice box"). The creation of a Voiceprint Database as a useful tool for future research is one of our long term goals.