Semantic Info-structure interlinking an open source Finite Element tool and libraries with a model repository for the multi-scale Modelling and 3D visualization of the inner-ear.

Aim: the development of a Semantic Infostructure interlinking an open source Finite Element Tool with existing data, models and new knowledge for the multi-scale modelling of the inner-ear with regard to the sensorineural hearing loss. The experts will have access to both the data (micro-CT images, histological data) and inner ear models, while the open-source developed tools and the SIFEM Conceptual Model will be contributed to the VPH toolkit enhancing their reusability. These SIFEM open source tools and services enhance and accelerate the delivery of validated and robust multi-scale models by focusing on: (i) Finite Element Models manipulation and development, (ii) cochlea reconstruction and (iii) 3D inner ear models visualization. The final outcome is the development of a functional, 3D, multi-scale and validated inner-ear model that includes details of the micromechanics, cochlea geometry, supporting structures, surrounding fluid environment and vibration patterns.

Project duration: 3 years, 02/2013-02/2016

Funded by European Union, FP7-ICT-2011.5.2 (No 600933)

Further details:

Partners: National University of Ireland (Digital Enterprise Research Institute), Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (Greece), University of Southampton (Institute of Sound and Vibration Research), Linkopings Universitet, BioIRC d.o.o. Kragujevac, INTRASOFT International SA, University College London (Ear Institute), National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (1st Department of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery), The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, The Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington

Total funding: € 2,909,131

Status: completed