Regeneration of inner ear hair cells with Gamma-secretase Inhibitors to regain hearing in patients with sensorineural hearing loss.

Aim: Recovery of sensorineural hearing loss, regeneration of outer hair cells of the cochlea through local treatment with a gamma-secretase inhibitor. (phase Ι & ΙΙ).

Funded by European Union, Horizon 2020-PHC-13-2014 (No 634893)

Project duration: 3.5 years, 05/2015-11/2018

Consortium: Audion Therapeitics (Netherlands), University College of London-Ear Institute
(United Kingdom), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece), University of
Tubingen (Germany), Nordic Bioscience (Denmark), Lilly (United Kingdom), Topstart (Netherlands).

Further details:

Total Funding: € 5,834,340

Status: completed